Thursday, 8 July 2010

Triple Embossing

The theme for this was triple embossing, which is where you use a clear ink pad and cover your card. Then cover with UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder) tap off the excess from behind and put the excess back into the container, you don't want to be wasting it! Then heat the card with utee on until it is all liquid like to look at then follow the first step by covering with utee then heat again. When you add the utee and heat it the third time have the stamp you want to use to hand. You can add ink to your stamp first if you want it is personal choice.

Once i had embossed and stamped i then added an image and finished embellishing and bring all the colours together.

You can also have an image etc on your card and then triple emboss over the image which will give a 3d look. You can also crack the utee to create a different look. So many things to do....

This is another example of triple embossing

Using stationary within art

The Theme for all of these was to create the atc but incorporate stationary of choice into it

For this i chose children playing together. I made sure the image was placed to the right hand side of the card so tha i was able to create crosses with staples doen the left hand side. I then added a staple to the right side corners of the image.

For the next one i was thinking out of the box and decided to create a holder for a ticket to go in. The stationary part i used was a bull dog clip at the top of the ticket so that it could be easily removed and placed back into the holder. I used stamed designs and words as well as an image and words already done. When it was seen by other members there were many people who wanted it but i was naughty and i gave it my best friend who co owned the group with me. I knew it had gone to a good home and i had actually made this one with my friend in mind.


This is a birthday card i made for one of my closest friends. I wanted something simple but something i knew she would love and in colours i knew she would like. The worst part of making the card were the bows and they were a buggerto make. The stamped stitched effect was easy to do. I just chose 2 different sizes as was needed.

New Baby

This was for a friend who had just had her baby boy. I decided for a change i would add the picyure of the first pic with mum all dressed etc. I layered the lettering at the top of the card and then i stamped hands and feet on opposite sides of the card in black in. Just a bit different from the other cards she received.

using Chalks!

This first one is called the enchanted tree. I first stamped out the tree and surroundings with black ink. Then i used chalks with an applicater so i could add as much or as little as i wanted of each colour and blended them to the blue to the sky but with red hues coming in as you would usually see first thing of a morning or as the sun goes down at night.

This one i stamped a swirly background and then added the chalks in the same way as above and blended the colours to match what i was going to embellish it with.

The embellishment is called friendly plastic which comes in different colours some of which are block colours as the pink that i used. However some are multi toned like the other i used.

What you do is cut the friendly plastic however you want and the heat with a heat gun and leave to cool for a few seconds so it doesn't stick to your fingers like hot glue. I then used a tooth pick while the friendly plastic was still hot and pulled through the colours, which not only helped to bring them together helped to create a pattern. I then finished embellising and it was done

Easter Bonnets

My neighbour asked me if a would make 2 easter bonnets for her tuesday club! I didn't feel i could sat no, but it would have help greatly if i had had more than a couple of hors to make both of them in.

My neighbour was well chuffed as both hats won. One of the got 1st place the other 2nd place although i don't remember which way round it was. I swore i'd never make another bloody easter bonnet after that! Only thing about that is that i help one of my friends daughters to do Hers. She has also won with some of hers so she was also chuffed.

So i have now vowed to only make bonnets with the kids!!!!!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Paper Bag Book

The aim of these were that you were in groups of 7 and each member was assigned seven people to make an atc and a page to go in a paperbag book.

The only details you were given were the names of those you were making for and some details of what some members wanted their book based around. Some people wanted totally random pages and didn't give any guidance but others like myself did. I for example gave the details of: dreams, lilacs, silver and any mediums that the individuals wanted to use to create this. I had someone who wanted the theme of hers to be based around the sea side, another with rainbows of colours and mermaids and another who wanted vintage. So you get the picture. So these are the pages and corresponding atc's. It took many months for this project to be completed, but it was fun and worth the wait.

Alcohol inks

Alcohol inks had to be used on all of these. I took the alcohol inks and used them in three different ways and a selection of colours. I am lucky to have a few sets (sets have 3 in each) so therefore can play around with colours more. Others are not so lucky because they cost over £10 per set!

On the 1st one i played with the inks on acetate until i was happy with the colour. Then i took a style stone and alcohol inked that with bolder colors before placing a image in the stone. From there i continued to embellish

On the 2nd i alcohol inked over piece of metal the had a raised image on it. Again i worked with the colours until i was happy. You can get a solution to remove the alcohol ink off of non pourous surfaces, and to thin down the colours etc. However a cheap and cheerful alternative is to put some vodka in a small spray bottle and it does the same job. So after applying and reapplying i decided on a look i was happy with so then went ahead and embellished it.

The 3rd one was quite different as i was applying the inks to a card slide. You get a much diferrent effect especially as it is on a pourous surface. I still played around a bit but by layering the colours or testing them out on scrap card first. I then embellished as i had done with the previous two.

Foiled Again!

The aim of this swap was to use foil on all ur art pieces. With all of my foil i put them through my wizard (an embossing tool and more). I used three different plates (texture plates to go through my wizard) so that i could create 3 different backgrounds to work on.


Sometimes words don't seem enough. A card can be treasured and the Thanks always remembered.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Fat Book Pages

These fat book pages are created and then are put back to back. Often others do pages for you and you do pages for them and complete a full fat book created by you and others. You can of course make one with just your own artwork.

Under The Sea

The theme was under the sea and these are my interpritations of under the sea. Using lots of different techniques and materials to create these. There are some great colours and the colours that you would more likely find with tropical fish.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A friend was really ill and she really like fairies so i made a fairy card to lift her spirits a bit.

Liverpool birthday card

I was asked to make a liverpool card for my brother-in-law so thats what i did!

Girl! (closed & Open)

This is a folded atc with a difference. Instead of the whole atc being folded like a card fold there are smaller folds that are a bit like shutters.

So, there is script staamping on the backing on top of a multi coloured brayered. There is then an image that works with the colours and a gem. Then the folded element is added to create the folded atc.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Theme - Use 3 different rubber stamps

The technique for this swap was to use 3 different rubber stamps. Some people have lots if rubber stamps that sit and never get used, because they think the design is nice or the see the image stamped somewhere and fall in love with it, but when it comes to them stamping they don't have the confidence. So, this swap was designed to get people more familiar with stamping and prove to themselves they can do and can get those gorgous stamps out of hiding. I wrote a "How to do it" news letter which gave a guide of what to do and the common problems people have and how they can be avoided