Thursday, 8 July 2010

Triple Embossing

The theme for this was triple embossing, which is where you use a clear ink pad and cover your card. Then cover with UTEE (ultra thick embossing powder) tap off the excess from behind and put the excess back into the container, you don't want to be wasting it! Then heat the card with utee on until it is all liquid like to look at then follow the first step by covering with utee then heat again. When you add the utee and heat it the third time have the stamp you want to use to hand. You can add ink to your stamp first if you want it is personal choice.

Once i had embossed and stamped i then added an image and finished embellishing and bring all the colours together.

You can also have an image etc on your card and then triple emboss over the image which will give a 3d look. You can also crack the utee to create a different look. So many things to do....

This is another example of triple embossing

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